Aquarius Baby (20 January- 18 February)

Planet: Uranus and Saturn


Element: Air


Positive attributes: Free and independent, friendly, creative, unique, loyal


Negative attributes: Rebellious, hates classics, changeable and unexpected


The Aquarius babies are noticed differently from other babies and they will want to do everything themselves all the time. Whenever they start walking and talking, they want to be beyond the patterns.  They are interested in everything unknown and want to investigate. They are curious about electronics, music and theater. They do not like to be planned and any time schedules.


Aquarius children are easy to communicate and make friends very easily because they are the most social of all signs.  They love animals and have a superior love to all living beings. Everyday you spend with them will be a brand new experience for you as they will want to solve the events with your own original methods.