Cancer baby (22 June- 22 July)

Planet: Moon


Element: Water


Positive attributes: Sensitive, gentle, loving, protective, understanding


Negative attributes: Easy to be annoyed, over sensitive, resentful


Children in Cancer sign are very sensitive and they have a large imagination. At the same time, the children in Cancer sign are also called moon children and they are sympathetic, loving and highly sensitive. They never forget details and events.


A child in Cancer sign will be a brand new teaching for you as the emotional structure is quite variable.  As they smile around, they might easily start to cry in a minute due to their sensitive personalities. They do not like change very much.  When they make a mistake, you should softly tell them about this mistake and be ready for tears anytime.


They are full with love. They will always want to be at home, to be with you, to feel your love and to keep themselves safe.  When they grow up, they become loved, understanding, protective and compassionate individuals.