Gemini Baby (21 May- 21 June)

Planet: Mercur


Element: Air


Positive attributes: Talented, intelligent, intellectual, sincere and natural


Negative attributes: Impatient, active, unbalanced, whimsical


Gemini baby is ready for life from birth. He/she will talk early, walk, and will be curious about everything. Since their communication skills are developed, it will be right for you to create an environment in which he/she can play with other children from a young age. Otherwise there may be cases of withdrawal.


You should not expect a Gemini to be on your side all the time. He/she will constantly create new adventures for himself, and he will not hesitate to walk away from you. They are very intelligent and creative children, but they can have concentration problems due to their fast-paced and variable characteristics. They are impatient and questioning children. You may find it difficult to find answers to their unending questions.


Due to their sophisticated imagination they can make up fictional friends, stories and fairy tales. Geminis are the children who are constantly talking, laughing, creating their own adventures and causing little troubles.