Leo Baby (23 July- 22 August)

Planet: Sun


Element: Fire              


Positive attributes: Giving, gentle, loyal, witty and entertaining, charismatic


Negative attributes: Very proud, excessive leader attributes, arrogant


Leo Babies are very restless and noisy babies. You may have troubles to sleep and get them to sleep. They will be able to manage everybody in the house with their inherent leadership qualities, and they will do their best to become the center of attraction.


Most of the TV and Movie starts are Leo. The reason is their love for crowds and applauses.  Their communication skills are strong and friendly, but their non-sharing personality may lead to problems in relationships. You should care about these leadership features, but you also have to teach them to do group work.


You may have challenges to cope with their native noble and proud characteristics. When they make a mistake, you should avoid saying it in public. Otherwise, you may face them "roaring".