Libra Baby (23 September - 22 October)

Planet: Venus


Element: Air


Positive attributes: Charming, friendly, loving


Negative attributes: İndecisive, changing, lavish, naive


The common characteristics of children gathering others around with their perfect aura is being a Libra. You should get used to their warm smiles, enchanting looks and the light they have around, always being the focus of attention.  They reply to a caring act with their sweet smile.  They are very social. They do not like being alone, and they believe in the power of group work. They learn from the early ages how much smile will work.


They are comfort loving people. They love control and their style is remarkable. They may be attorneys, judges or prosecutors due to their mastery of resolving disputes.


They may have difficulty making their own decisions. If they do not complete a task, that is most probably because of their indecisiveness. You should teach them about this and give them time to make a decision.