Scorpio Baby (23 October- 21 November)

Planet: Mars

Element: Water


Positive attributes: Decisive, strong, emotional


Negative attributes: Tight lipped, jealous, stubborn


Scorpio babies, whom you will think as being born to be a focus of attention in the world, create a magical effect on you from the first day of birth with a mysterious and impressive look. Scorpio babies, whose proud and determined character can be observed even at a young age, appear calm and quiet. However, you need to be careful because of their courage. They might face a dangerous situation at any moment.


It is almost impossible to hide something from outspoken, secretive, libertarian and sincere Scorpio babies.  With their sixth sense, they have almost supernatural ability to reveal hidden things.


They do not like sharing their loved ones. They like to be outdoors and observe people. They like sports. You should learn not to discuss with a Scorpio child.  They like to argue because of their stubborn, jealous and aggressive structures and are not willing to compromise.