Taurus baby (20 April- 20 May)

Planet: Venus


Element: Soil


Positive attributes: Patient, enduring, decisive


Negative attributes: Stubborn, not flexible, possessive


You can never get a Taurus Baby do something he/she does not want to. He/she will react to anything you force him/her to do with kicks like a "taurus". When you try to feed him/her something he/she does not love, he/she will close his/her mouth tightly and open it only to express his/her dissatisfaction. You can solve every problem you cannot deal with a loving hug. Taurus babies enjoy loving and touching.


They know how to learn from their mistakes. You can see signs of stubbornness and possessiveness from very young age. You should learn to be patient with Taurus babies. You can teach him to share and be sensitive with patience and love.

Taurus is a native musician. Their musicality is improved and often their voices are very good. They are very interested in art. You can help to discover the interest by performing music, painting or artistic events.