Virgo Baby (23 August- 22 September)

Planet: Mercur


Element: Soil


Positive attributes: Intelligent, clean, aware, perfectionist


Negative attributes: Easily annoyed, over meticulous, "native fighter"


Virgo babies know what they want and they act accordingly. Because of their perfectionist characteristics;  games, baths and mealtimes should always be in the same order.  Clever, careful and active Virgo babies learn their sense of responsibility at a very early age.  They take parents as a model and enjoy being treated like and seen as adults.


They are very selective in every period of their lives.  They do not like complexity. Everything that is simple will make them happy. They are peaceful, gentle and quiet children. They are very tidy and may be meticulously clean. From an early age, they start to develop the ability of organization and order. They learn very easily from their mistakes and never do it again. It is very important for them to look good.  They always want to be clean and meticulous.